Vitamin A just twice a year prevents blindness, decreases child mortality and helps children thrive.

Safe births, children who have essential immunizations and enough to eat, prevention and treatment of infectious disease, community health education — these are the foundations for healthy, vigorous communities.

Community Partners International provides training, technical support and resources for 26 local health organizations in Myanmar. Together with our partners, CPI supports community-led public health and clinical care for 820,000 children, women, and men. Our programs are in many cases the only access to health services for displaced and isolated communities.

CPI focuses on village communities — many located in conflict zones — not adequately served by governmental organizations or large humanitarian agencies. With our local partners we have developed groundbreaking, evidence-based initiatives in Reproductive and Child Health, Malaria and Infectious Disease, Trauma Care and Health Systems Strengthening, and together we research, write and publish peer-reviewed articles and reports that influence best practices and health policy at the international, national and regional levels.

We believe that enhancing the skills, knowledge and resources of local health workers and community leaders is key to building community, self-sufficiency and stability. We emphasize monitoring and evaluation in all of our health initiatives, as well as building long-term partnerships that enable us to develop the in-depth understanding and mutual trust vital for a lasting impact.