Our Funding Partners

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CPI's Funding Partners support programs that save mothers and kids, and strengthen community health in Myanmar

Community Partners International (CPI) serves Myanmar’s most vulnerable communities by building and supporting local organizations where there is little to no access to health care. We are grateful for the private and institutional funding that makes our work possible.

Funders support CPI because we demonstrate measureable impact, and ensure that funding is used effectively and efficiently. We have earned Charity Navigator's highest (four star) rating, and together with our partners, have published numerous peer-reviewed articles and reports. 

CPI has 15 years' experience building relationships in the ethnic minority border regions and underserved central areas of Myanmar. We have local and international staff on the ground, robust monitoring and accountability procedures, and infrastructure — designed and managed by the communities themselves — in place.

We bridge the gap between community organizations and international governmental and non-governmental institutions. With in-depth training, ongoing mentoring, and technical and resource support from CPI, our local partners implement and manage evidence-based public health initiatives that address malaria, maternal and child health, trauma care and health systems strengthening for more than 920,000 of Myanmar’s women, children and men who would otherwise go without.

CPI's Funding Partners include:

B.K.Kee Foundation
Child’s Dream
Global Fund
International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Kim & Harold Louie Family Foundation
John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Open Society Foundations (OSF)
Orr Family Foundation
Tides Foundation
Three Millenium Development Goal (3MDG) Fund
Whetstone Mountain Foundation

Community Partners International gratefully acknowledges the companies and individuals who have donated services, goods or time in support of our work and partners. Thank you!

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