CEO Sandee Pyne a BBC "100 Women 2014"

October 28, 2014
CPI Chief Executive Officer Sandee Pyne, PhD

The BBC's "100 Women 2014" were chosen because they've made headlines. They've made discoveries. They've made a difference—like CPI's Sandee Pyne.

"I'm honored to be selected as one of the BBC's 100 Women in 2014. This is a reflection of Community Partners International's impactful work in Myanmar," says Sandee, CPI's Chief Executive Officer.  "I share the honor with all of our supporters, who allow us to continue making gains for women and girls."

In remote and under-served areas of Myanmar—where a woman's decision to become a mother exposes her to a 1 in 12 lifetime chance of dying, where 1 in 7 children under age five die of largely preventable causes—CPI pioneers simple, low-cost, locally accessible health care to help kids and their moms survive and thrive. 

Sandee will speak with the BBC on October 29, 2014 about CPI's successes—and challenges—improving the health of Myanmar's most vulnerable families and communities. Check back for a link to her interview!

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