Connecting Communities & Care

Watch "Mission Malaria: Combating multi-drug resistant malaria in southeast Myanmar," a short film that demonstrates the lengths we go to eliminate malaria

Our research with partners in Eastern Myanmar shows malaria as the leading cause of death. Now Myanmar has emerged as an epicenter of multi-drug resistant malaria which, if left unchecked, could reverse the years of gains made against the disease worldwide. 

CPI works with partners on the front lines in Myanmar to control and eliminate multi-drug resistant malaria. Together, we deliver services to more than 400,000 people in remote communities. We are piloting ground-breaking methods to diagnose and treat malaria in people without visible symptoms, employing the latest gene-based diagnostic methods to track infections.

Our partnerships with community organizations, multi-national donors and universities allow us to implement highly technical and large scale strategies at community level, empowering and equipping communities to tackle multi-drug resistant malaria. 

Each year, your support enables CPI to deliver lifesaving health care to almost one million people across Myanmar in remote rural, urban poor and conflict and violence-affected communities.
Your generosity makes this happen. Please help us to continue our work. For every dollar you donate, we’re able to put 4 dollars of grant funding to work in the community.DONATE Here’s how your support can help:
$100 provides 100 children with lifesaving malaria medication
$500 provides 120 families with insecticide-treated bednets
$1,000 trains and equips 10 village health workers to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria