Trauma Training: Innovative Teaching Models (Intl J of ER Medicine December 2014)

"Trauma training course: innovative teaching models and methods for training health workers in active conflict zones of Eastern Myanmar" (International Journal of Emergency Medicine, December 2014)

Myanmar has struggled through decades of civil conflict, severely impacting health. The ethnic minority groups, the majority of thich live in conflict-affected regions of the country that lack health infrastructure, resources and providers, have suffered the brunt of the poor health consequences.

To address this critical void, CPI developed training curricula, adapting essential procedures and teaching methods for health workers in conflict zones, and developing models that were simple, reproducible, cost effective, and able to facilitate effective learning within the limitations of these challenging environments. This paper, researched and written, by CPI Trauma Program practitioners, presents simulation models developed to teach trauma injury evaluation and management in resource-limited settings.

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