The MOM Project (CPI partners, May 2008)

The MOM Project, a collaborative effort between CPI partners (Burma Medical Association, Mae Tao Clinic, Karen Department of Health and Welfare, Shan Health Committee, Mon Health Department, Karenni National Health Organization), GHAP, Johns Hopkins University and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation established a three-tiered collaborative network of community-based reproductive health workers. Health workers from local organizations received practical training in basic emergency obstetric care plus blood transfusion, focused antenatal care, and family planning at a central facility. Returning to their target communities inside Burma, these first-tier “Maternal Health Workers ” (MHWs) trained a second tier of local health workers (HWs) and a third tier of traditional birth attendants (TBAs) to provide a limited subset of these interventions depending on their level of training.