Dr. Lay Khin Kay and the B.K. Kee Foundation

The B.K.Kee Foundation $25,000 match fund for CPI — we met our goal!!
We're grateful to the B.K.Kee Foundation for this opportunity — and to the generous CPI donors who helped us re

Thanks to Your Support...

Thanks to everyone who supported CPI's Campaign 2012! Your gifts will help bring essential health services to women, children and families in Burma who otherwise do without — as well as key skills training and resources to our local partners. 2012 was an extraordinary and heartening year for CPI, for our local partners, for everyone who has worked and waited for Burma/Myanmar to begin emerging from decades of isolation and devastating civil strife.

Dr. Cynthia Maung: A Community Health Hero Shares Lessons Learned

September, 2012: Dr. Cynthia Maung wins U.S. Democracy Award! Learn more

On the Thai-Myanmar border, Dr. Cynthia Maung has earned a larger-than-life reputation for her success in galvanizing disparate groups to work together on a common goal: community health. 

The Mae Tao Clinic: Two Decades of Health and Healing on the Thai-Myanmar Border

In 1989, a few months after leaving Myanmar, Dr. Cynthia Maung and a small group of students opened a makeshift medical clinic in a rickety wooden house on the dusty outskirts of Mae Sot, Thailand. The clinic had virtually no supplies, no money, no one who spoke Thai and (except for Dr. Cynthia) no staff formally trained in medicine.



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