Thanks to Your Support...

Sara Heinrichs Popp
...Girls like "Lah Htoo" get screening and treatment for deadly malaria

Thanks to everyone who supported CPI's Campaign 2012! Your gifts will help bring essential health services to women, children and families in Burma who otherwise do without — as well as key skills training and resources to our local partners. 2012 was an extraordinary and heartening year for CPI, for our local partners, for everyone who has worked and waited for Burma/Myanmar to begin emerging from decades of isolation and devastating civil strife. Yet as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said on her historic 2012 tour of the United States, “Reforms are not yet felt by the people.”With your support, Community Partners International can make just that kind of difference — for the girl with malaria, for the mother needing emergency obstetric care, for the father gravely injured by a landmine, for the community lacking health education. CPI is uniquely positioned to help translate Burma's nascent reforms into concrete benefits for remote, conflict-affected and underserved communities. For 14 years we have provided training, in-depth mentoring and technical resources to local leaders and organizations so they can design, manage and monitor their own high quality health programs.Our partners now offer access to safe births, immunizations, malaria control, public health education, and other key services for more than one million women, children and men in Burma who would otherwise go without. Now is the time to help our partners use their skills and leadership to build a healthier, reunified Burma.Partner with us to continue our work on behalf of our local partners — Your annual support has a direct impact on the people of Burma!. Thank You!