Running for health — the 2015 Yangon Marathon

THANK YOU!! On Jan. 11, 2015, 28 CPI staffers ran in the Yangon Marathon to benefit Myanmar's mothers, babies and chidlren. With your support, our team raised more than $7,600!

CPI's Alive & Kicking Campaign to improve Myanmar maternal and child health: 1 in 7 children in eastern Myanmar dies before their 5th birthday. Most of these deaths can be prevented with low-cost, low-tech health interventions. With your support, CPI can provide life-saving care when and where it matters most:

$75 trains and equips one birth attendant to care for moms and babies before during and after birth.
$175 supports 5 village health workers who help prevent deadly respiratory infections and diarrhea.
$500 provides testing and life-saving medication for 250 people with malaria.