Separated by Borders, United by Need: An assessment of reproductive health on the Thailand-Burma border

Submitted by janet on Wednesday February 8, 2012
In conflict-affected eastern Burma CPI's local partners in many cases provide the only access to safe births and emergency obstetric care for moms and babies.

A new report, "Separated by Borders, United by Need," by Ibis Reproductive Health and Global Health Access Program (GHAP) — the health branch of Community Partners International — documents a...

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Malaria Prevention: Singing for Community Health

Submitted by janet on Wednesday January 11, 2012
©KDHWHealth education through music: In eastern Burma malaria accounts for nearly half of all deaths, with a disproportionate impact on children and pregnant women.

The Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW) holds hundreds of community education events in eastern Burma's displaced and conflict-affected communities — where Plasmodium falciparum, the most deadly kind of malaria, is endemic — to teach villagers about...

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KDHW: Making Pregnancy and Childbirth Safer in Burma / Myanmar's Conflict Zones

Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday October 26, 2011
©KDHWThe MOM Project trains community health workers from Burma / Myanmar's ethnic conflict zones in pre- and postnatal care, sterile deliveries, emergency obstetrics and family planning - dramatically improving maternal care in conflict areas where many women die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

MAE SOT, 17 October 2011 (IRIN) - In conflict-afflicted eastern Myanmar, until recently obstetric care was often crude, unsterile and dangerous for both mother and child, health experts say.

When labour pains began, traditional birth attendants routinely pushed the woman's stomach...

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