2015 | 'Alive & Kicking' — for a healthy Myanmar!!

Claudia Franzen
Ma Thinzar, left, and Traditional Birth Attendant, Daw San

DONATE In 2014 we launched our 'Alive & Kicking' campaign for healthy mothers and babies across Myanmar. 'Alive & Kicking' continues in 2015, with a focus on safe births and the critical first year of life. 

Why? In eastern Myanmar, 1 in 7 children dies before they reach their first birthday. A third of those are within the first 28 days of life. Most of their deaths are from preventable, treatable causes.

In partnership with 26 local organizations, we've made tremendous strides serving remote, neglected and conflict-affected regions of Myanmar. But there's so much more we can — and need to — do to improve access to essential health care for women, babies and children, and strengthen families and communities for the long term. Our programs provide training, equipment and resources for thousands of medics, midwives and community leaders who, in many cases, are the only link to safe births, immunizations, malaria treatment and so much more. Your contribution is where it all starts.

Please give generously to save lives and help mothers and babies thrive.

Here's how your gift can help:  $75 trains and equips 1 birth attendant to care for moms and babies before, during and after delivery • $350 supports 10 village health workers who help prevent deadly diarrhea and respiratory infections • $1000 provides testing and life-saving medication for 500 people with malaria.